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Diabetes and eye exams

Do You Have Diabetes? An Eye Exam Is More Crucial Than Ever.

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you’re already adjusting to the diet, exercise and insulin regimens your doctor prescribes. But you may not know that diabetes brings special dangers to your sight, though it can easily be detected and monitored through eye exams. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 34 million… Read More

Dry Eye Disease at Horizon Eye Care

Ocular Surface Disease More Commonly Referred To As Dry Eye Disease

Fifteen gallons of tears. That’s the low estimate for how much fluid the average person’s eyes produce in one year; some of us run as high as 30 gallons. We don’t think much about those tears until they stream down our cheeks in joy or sorrow. But healthy people tear up through the day in… Read More

Cataract Surgery what to expect?

What Can You Expect From Cataract Surgery?

Maybe you’ve heard that cataract surgery is the most common surgical procedure in the United States, helping three million people a year. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s also among the shortest at 15 minutes per eye. It’s also one of the safest, as 99 percent of the cases handled by experienced surgeons succeed without complications.

Blepharoplasty at Horizon Eye Care

Blepharoplasty: A Complex Word for a Simple, Helpful Procedure

Gravity brings all of us down over the years. Even our eyelids sag, while pockets of fat gather under our eyes in the infamous “bags” we carry into our later years. Sometimes they are harmful to appearance. And, in certain instances, bags are even detrimental to sight. In either case, blepharoplasty (surgery to repair droopy… Read More

Glaucoma may steal peripheral vision

Glaucoma May Slowly Steal Your Peripheral Vision

We don’t think consciously about peripheral vision, but we use it all the time. That’s how drivers know a child has darted toward the street in pursuit of a ball. It’s also how pedestrians navigate through a crowd without constantly swiveling their heads from side to side. But peripheral vision can be the first thing… Read More

Contact lens safety

Contact Lens Safety: Caring For Them Is Key

We rightly try to reuse and recycle as many products as we can to cut down on waste around the planet. Yet in the case of soft contact lenses, the kind most wearers now prefer, the smartest thing to do may be just the opposite. If not properly cared for, contact lenses pose health risks… Read More

Oculoplastics surgery

Oculoplastic Surgery Helps Improve Vision and Facial Aesthetics

Naturally, you would only trust an ophthalmologist to perform surgery on your eyes. Yet what about surgery around the eyes? The eyelids, sockets, brow and under-eye areas also require the expertise of an ophthalmologist. Therefore, if you need aesthetic or oculoplastic surgery, consult with your eye care specialist about the different procedures. In these procedures,… Read More

LASIK advantages for athletes

A Special Case: LASIK Advantages For Athletes

Whether you golf on weekends or aspire to a mixed martial arts title, distorted vision may hold you back. Glasses can break or shift around on the face, while contact lenses might pop out after a sudden jolt or get coated with grit or dirt by the wind. So, if you’re planning to spend time… Read More


Healthy Aging Means Taking Care Of Your Eyes

Getting older changes every inch of us from our hairlines to our toenails, so it’s not surprising that our eyes change as well. Much like proper diet and exercise may be important factors in healthy aging, there are steps that may be taken to promote healthy eyes. After all, what is healthy aging without healthy… Read More

Eye safety threats are abundant in summer

Summer Threats To Eye Safety Can Be Big As A Basketball Or As Subtle As Sunlight

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has named July Ultraviolet Safety Month to alert people of the dangers of UV radiation. Those rays can indeed damage vision and threaten eye safety, but they are just one menace among many that our eyes face each summer. Other Common Threats to Eye Safety 4th of… Read More