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Corneal edema

Corneal Edema and Irregularities

Corneas ideally remain clear and smooth, like the surface of an untroubled and unpolluted mountain lake. But sometimes fluid builds up inside the cornea, the clear surface that contributes to focus light onto the back of your eye, and you get a corneal edema. Sometimes bumps and lumps appear on the epithelium, the outermost of… Read More

Annual eye exams

Do We Need an Annual Eye Exam? Yes. Here’s Why.

Most of us visit a dentist for a regular cleaning or checkup. Maybe we see a primary care physician for an annual physical, especially as we get older. But regular trips to an eye doctor matter just as much, even if we don’t have vision problems that require ongoing treatment. An annual eye exam can… Read More

Horizon Eye Care Retina Center opening

Horizon Opens Separate Retina Center at Cotswold Location

Say you have retinal issues and come to Horizon Eye Care multiple times a year. Perhaps you’re older, as people with retinal problems tend to be, or have mobility issues. Wouldn’t you prefer a private office just inside the front door of the facility, one with a wide automatic door, low-light waiting area and plenty… Read More

MIGS: Alternatives to traditional glaucoma strategies

MIGS: Alternatives To Traditional Glaucoma Surgeries

Many think of glaucoma as a simple problem: Increased pressure in the eye damages the optic nerve, leading to irreversible vision loss and potential blindness. Yet it’s a complex group of diseases. Consequently, we need a wide range of treatment options. Relatively new procedures known as MIGS are less invasive surgeries, providing alternatives to patients… Read More

Facial Aesthetics at Horizon Eye Care

Facial Aesthetics: Eye Doctors Give You a New Way to See Yourself

Most of us think of eye doctors as people who cure vision-related diseases or replace our natural lenses with artificial ones when cataracts thicken. Yet the growing trend toward improved facial aesthetics means we don’t just see better under their care: We can feel better about the way others see us. Insurance companies consider many… Read More

Doctors retiring December 2021

Drs. Gaskin, Hustead and Marvin Announce Retirement

Horizon Eye Care bids farewell to three of its doctors in December as Dr. Lewis R. Gaskin, MD, Dr. Judy D. Hustead, MD and Dr. Paul E. Marvin, OD announce their retirement. We at Horizon Eye Care, along with their many patients, will miss their service. Drs. Gaskin, Hustead and Marvin Boast Years of Service… Read More

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy: Collaboration is Key

Diabetics face unique challenges from the day they’re diagnosed, including closely monitoring blood glucose levels and maintaining healthy diets. Routine screening is essential as some problems can sneak up without symptoms. Most often, an eye doctor diagnoses diabetic retinopathy, or damage to the thin light-sensitive nerve layer inside the eye. And frequently the patient is… Read More

Contact lenses and your cornea

Contact Lenses and Your Corneas

Most people who enjoy contacts wear them comfortably for years and spend minimal amounts of time thinking about them. But contact lenses and your corneas are related in ways you may not understand. If you’re careless about following rules for proper use, your vision could suffer. (Learn more at Horizon’s Cornea services page.) Contact lenses… Read More

Leaning Toward LASIK

Leaning Toward LASIK? Here’s What Other Patients Ask.

Ophthalmologists have performed LASIK surgeries for more than 20 years with FDA approval, and the procedure has a satisfaction rate of nearly 100 percent. Yet doctors still hear the same questions from patients beforehand — and, most of the time, the same positive comments afterward. If you’re thinking of getting this cornea-reshaping procedure, you may… Read More

What can a general eye exam tell us?

What Can A General Eye Exam Tell Us?

We all know we should see an eye doctor at least once a year, especially after childhood. We know we’ll find out whether our vision has stayed the same or deteriorated, and we’ll get advice about how to deal with any changes. But you may not realize this same general eye exam can tip us… Read More