Patient Testimonials – LASIK

At Horizon Eye Care, we understand that the decision to get LASIK is an important one. You also need to have confidence in the doctor performing your surgery. Each of our physicians is rigorously trained on our Alcon WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser. And each has been providing better vision for patients for many years.

Below, you can read comments from patients of each of our LASIK specialists to help you decide which doctor is the best fit for you. And when you're ready, call is at 704-367-8133 or fill out this form to arrange a free LASIK consultation.

Joseph M. Biber, MD

Dr. Joseph M. Biber

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LASIK has changed my life for the better
“I have been nearsighted for as long as I can remember. By the time I underwent LASIK, I had spent almost ten years agonizing over whether to have it done. Yet, I pondered it regularly as I faced challenges with my vision. Prior to LASIK, I would have to feel for my glasses on my nightstand because I could not visually locate them during the night. I am a neurologist, and during residency when I was on call I spent countless nights on the floor after knocking my glasses off of the nightstand. One night after my son was born, he was crying in his crib, and I could not see well enough to tend to him. I could not find my glasses. I knew Dr. Biber from medical school, and I knew he would be honest with me about whether or not LASIK would really help my situation. He was at the top of our class at MUSC and was very meticulous and bright, so I knew if I was ever going to work up the nerve to have LASIK done, I wanted him to do it. LASIK has changed my life for the better. I noticed about two months after the procedure that my vision was sharper than it had ever been with glasses. I had another child and tending to him in the middle of the night is much easier because I just had to hop out of bed and pick him up. It has now been over two years, and I have definitely experienced improvement in my quality of life because of Dr. Biber and LASIK.”
Jodi D., MD
Dr. Biber truly cares about the vision of his patients
“My decision to have LASIK was based upon troubles with contacts irritating my eyes as well as the long-term cost-effectiveness of the procedure. I felt LASIK would be a better long-term investment given the annual money spent on contacts and solution as well as the occasional repair or replacement of glasses. My father had a great experience with LASIK about 10 years prior and the advancement of the technology coupled with the comfort and assurance that Dr. Biber provided led me to believe that it was an appropriate time to have the procedure done. Dr. Biber did an excellent job of explaining the procedure, what to expect post-surgery, and coordinating follow-up to ensure an excellent outcome from the procedure. Being able to wake up and see with perfect clarity just a day or two after the procedure was a feeling I will never forget. LASIK has saved me the time and inconvenience of having to pack eye care for trips. It is also great not having to worry about contacts being disruptive while showering, exercising, or performing a variety of daily activities. Dr. Biber truly cares about the vision of his patients and choosing to have LASIK done by him was a decision that I am happy to have made.”
Nate M., Medical Student
Dr. Biber has given me the freedom of clear vision with IntraLase LASIK surgery
“After many years of wearing glasses and contact lenses, Dr. Biber has given me the freedom of clear vision with IntraLase LASIK surgery. I am thrilled to wake up in the morning and see things clearly! I have the luxury of going on vacation and not worrying about packing contacts and contact lens solution or being restricted while swimming in the beautiful summer months. Dr. Biber and his staff took excellent care of me and made my experience a memorable and enjoyable one! I would recommend this procedure to all of my friends and family.”
Kristen T., Graduate Student

William A. Branner, III, MD

Dr. William A. Branner, III

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No regrets
Dr. Branner performed LASIK surgery on me in June 2018. I was very nearsighted and wore my contact lenses full time. During my spring break my mom decided she would surprise me with LASIK. It was my graduation gift. I can honestly say, the best I have ever received. Perfect vision immediately! No regrets.
Matthew V., College Athletic Director
I had LASIK surgery with Dr. Branner in February 2018. I suffered with a lot of eye irritation, from allergies and my contact lenses. It was getting so bad, I had to wear my glasses most of the time, which I hated. I decided to have the LASIK procedure and it was the best decision I have ever made. No glasses, no contact lenses and no more eye irritation. Dr. Branner was wonderful! He explained everything to me in great detail and my vision has been perfect ever since. I would highly recommend Dr. Branner and his staff if you are considering LASIK!
Jessica M., Investment Advisor
Dr. Branner did my LASIK surgery a couple years ago, and I have had perfect vision ever since. With my job, I stay on the computer all the time, so seeing with my bifocal glasses was very difficult. The procedure was painless, minimal discomfort, and a quick and easy recovery in my vision. I have never regretted my decision to have this done. NO MORE GLASSES.
Rick M., Retired Dispatcher
Loved it from day one!
Dr. Branner performed LASIK surgery on me, and I have loved it from day one! I am a very busy mom who has no time for contact lenses, and I do NOT like wearing glasses. I will never forget seeing so clearly afterwards, and still have great vision. I would recommend Dr. Branner and LASIK to anyone that qualifies for the surgery. It is life changing.
Beth H., Busy Mom

Hunter S. Stolldorf, MD

Dr. Hunter S. Stolldorf

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Smooth surgery, excellent follow-up
I needed to stop wearing my glasses due to skin cancer on my nose. Contacts were very uncomfortable, so my husband and I discussed and decided to try LASIK surgery. I was honestly frightened at the prospect. That is until I met with Dr. Stolldorf. His experience working in the military and performing this procedure on so many soldiers was quite impressive. He had a terrific bedside manner, answered all my questions, and I decided right then and there that I was going to do this. The surgery went so smoothly, and the results were so dramatic that my only regret was that I didn’t do it years ago. The follow-up care was excellent. I asked for some of his business cards and have been passing them out since. Thank you, Dr. Stolldorf!
Agnes S., Accounting
LASIK has greatly changed my life
I was nearsighted for all my younger years from trying to compete in sports or even simply completing simple daily tasks. I had considered LASIK for many years, but I wanted to find a doctor I was comfortable with and who would be honest with me on what options were best suited for me. I met Dr. Stolldorf while on active duty in the navy. He was very professional and friendly, and he helped me through the process. After the surgery, within a day, I was already noticing a significant difference. Shortly after, my vision was clearer than I could have imagined. It has been almost five years, and the quality of life I’m living now has dramatically increased. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.
Alec D., HM3, US Navy
Beyond amazing
Dr. Stolldorf performed my LASIK procedure in 2015. I went from needing glasses to see nearly everything to having 20/15 vision, literally overnight. To say that LASIK is life-changing would be a complete understatement. I wore contacts for 25 years, and to be able to wake up in the morning seeing perfectly is beyond amazing. Dr. Stolldorf is a phenomenal surgeon, but he is also empathetic and patient. If you are looking for someone who cares about your vision and genuinely desires the best outcomes for all of his patients, I recommend Dr. Stolldorf.
Andrew L., Anesthesiologist

Patient Testimonials – LASIK