Children’s Eye Exam FAQs

What age should my child be when they have their first eye exam?

Horizon Eye Care is a kid-friendly practice specializing in the treatment of children of all ages, including newborns. There is no set age for a first eye exam; it's different for every child. Please visit our Pediatric Center for more details.

At what age can my child begin to see a non-pediatric eye doctor?

That also differs for every child. At Horizon Eye Care, our pediatric and other ophthalmologists work together to determine when your child is ready to make the switch. We ensure your child's smooth transition and a lifetime of the highest-quality eye care.

How long will I be in the office for a complete eye exam?

Our routine eye exam typically lasts between an hour and an hour and a half.

Do you take my Insurance?

Horizon Eye Care participates in most medical insurance plans offered in Charlotte and North Carolina. These plans typically cover the evaluation and treatment of medical conditions involving the eye. It is always best to call your plan or check your plan website to verify in-network providers. While some insurance companies provide routine eye care benefits as part of the basic plan and allow you to see any participating eye doctor, many employers choose a separate product for routine eye care. Routine eye care is defined as the benefit that allows you to get a routine eye exam along with a prescription for glasses.

If you have a separate insurance company for vision benefits, you will typically select from a network of eye doctors. Not all vision plans provide you with an insurance card, so be sure to call your medical insurance carrier and ask if your routine vision benefits are administered by your medical plan or by another company. Horizon Eye Care is considered out-of-network for some routine eye care plans, but most of our physicians accept Vision Service Plan (VSP), most Eyemed Plans, Community Eye Care and the participating BCBS discount plans. Horizon Eye does not accept UHCVision, Davis Vision, or Superior Vision.

Keep in mind that if you have a medical condition with either or both eyes, we can file the claim to your medical insurance company, and you will get in-network benefits. Additionally, if your insurance company administers the routine eye benefit, we can likely see you and you will have in-network benefits. Some of these routine eye care programs have out-of-network benefits that can reduce the cost of your visit. Horizon Eye Care offers competitive fees for routine eye exams.

How much do you charge for a routine eye exam, and what is included?

If you do not have insurance coverage for a routine eye exam, our fee is $180. This is a discounted rate available only when paid in full at the time of service. This fee includes the medical examination of your eyes and refraction. The refraction is the portion of the exam where the doctor determines the prescription you need for glasses. There will be an additional charge for contact lens fittings and checks.

If you have insurance coverage for routine eye care and Horizon is a participating provider, we receive a contracted reimbursement rate from your insurance company. We will bill your insurance company our standard charge, and you will receive an explanation of benefits from your insurance company.

Please note that if you have a deductible or co-insurance, your responsibility is a portion of our contracted rate due to your insurance company and not the $180 price described above. It is important to note that insurance companies frequently deny the refraction portion of your eye exam as a non-covered benefit. When this happens the patient becomes responsible for this charge.

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Children’s Eye Exam FAQs