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Glaucoma eye pressure

Glaucoma: What Does My Eye Pressure Need to Be?

Perhaps you’ve heard that glaucoma occurs when pressure increases in your eye, which can lead to a permanent loss of vision. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with glaucoma, you may wonder how eye pressure damages the eye. You may also wonder what the value “should” be. This blog will help you… Read More

MIGS: Alternatives to traditional glaucoma strategies

MIGS: Alternatives To Traditional Glaucoma Surgeries

Many think of glaucoma as a simple problem: Increased pressure in the eye damages the optic nerve, leading to irreversible vision loss and potential blindness. Yet it’s a complex group of diseases. Consequently, we need a wide range of treatment options. Relatively new procedures known as MIGS are less invasive surgeries, providing alternatives to patients… Read More

Glaucoma may steal peripheral vision

Glaucoma May Slowly Steal Your Peripheral Vision

We don’t think consciously about peripheral vision, but we use it all the time. That’s how drivers know a child has darted toward the street in pursuit of a ball. It’s also how pedestrians navigate through a crowd without constantly swiveling their heads from side to side. But peripheral vision can be the first thing… Read More

Dr. Stein performs DURYSTA implant procedure

Horizon Eye Care Is First In North Carolina To Implant DURYSTA For Glaucoma

On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, Dr. Randall N. Stein performed the first procedure implanting the DURYSTA™ sustained-release drug delivery system to treat glaucoma in the state of North Carolina. This is not the first time that Dr. Stein has performed cutting-edge treatments to care for patients with glaucoma. In fact, Dr. Stein was first in… Read More

Next Generation OMNI Surgical System

Horizon Eye Care Offers New Glaucoma Treatment: The Next Generation OMNI Surgical System

In March of 2020, Dr. Vandana R. Minnal of Horizon Eye Care was one of the first surgeons in the Charlotte area to perform glaucoma surgery utilizing The Next Generation OMNI Surgical System. The goal of glaucoma treatment is to lower intraocular pressure (IOP) to reduce the risk of further vision loss. The OMNI procedure… Read More

Hydrus Microstent is an innovative weapon against glaucoma

Hydrus Microstent: A Uniquely Innovative Weapon In The War On Glaucoma

Doctors have diagnosed glaucoma, a disease of the optic nerve, for more than 150 years. For much of that time, eye drops have been the first and most effective way to address the condition. Now a new tool no wider than an eyelash has come along to help patients preserve sight: Hydrus Microstent. And at… Read More

Fighting glaucoma with drops

Fighting Glaucoma One Drop – But Only One – At A Time

Your eye doctor diagnoses you with open-angle glaucoma, the most common kind, in which fluid buildup increases intraocular pressure. (You’ll find information on Horizon Eye Care’s glaucoma page.) You’re given drops to put in each eye as the first line of defense, as few as one drop per day or as many as five different… Read More

Man at risk for glaucoma

Glaucoma: The Silent Thief of Vision

Glaucoma acquired that nickname because it sneaks up on you. It’s a leading cause of blindness worldwide, and the disease often has no symptoms. Doctors can detect the disease or risk factors for the disease during an annual eye exam. Researchers have learned a great deal about the disease, although there is still no cure.

Dr. Randall Stein

Randall N. Stein, MD, Joins Horizon Eye Care

Horizon Eye Care has hired Randall N. Stein, MD, as a staff ophthalmologist. Dr. Stein brings to Horizon several specialties, including medical and surgical treatment of glaucoma, as well as cataract and laser-assisted cataract surgery. He will be based at Horizon’s Huntersville, Mooresville

Photo of woman with ketatocunus

Horizon Eye Care Offers the First & Only FDA-Approved Cross-linking Therapy for Treatment of Progressive Keratoconus

For patients living with keratoconus, a progressive thinning and weakening of the cornea, which can result in significant visual loss and may lead to corneal transplant, Horizon Eye Care is proud