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Neuro-Ophthalmologists approach eye diseases from the perspectives of ophthalmology, neurology and general medicine, and can treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from optic nerve problems and eyelid abnormalities to unequal pupil size and double vision.

Neuro-ophthalmology is a specialty concerning diseases affecting the vision that originate from the nervous system. Many different types of doctors may refer a patient to a neuro-ophthalmologist including ophthalmologists, neurologists, neuro-surgeons, or endocrinologists.

Neuro-ophthalmologists complete residency training in ophthalmology or neurology as well as fellowship training in neuro-ophthalmology, a process that takes five to six years after graduation from medical school. At Horizon Eye Care, we’re proud to have two neuro-ophthalmologists on staff who can evaluate you from the perspectives of neurology, ophthalmology, or general medicine, and treat a wide variety of conditions. Common neuro-ophthalmology treatments include strabismus surgery, BOTOX and temporal artery biopsy.