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Diabetic Eye Screenings

Patients with diabetes are particularly susceptible to many eye conditions and should undergo an eye exam every year. Our doctors are specially trained to diagnosis damage to the retina’s blood vessels caused by diabetic retinopathy. If significant retinopathy is discovered during your routine eye exam, you will be referred to our retinal clinic which specializes in treating diabetic eye diseases.

Diabetes causes damage to the retina’s blood vessels known as diabetic retinopathy. While there are no symptoms early in diabetic retinopathy, as the disease advances your vision will be blurred or you may see spots in your field of vision caused by tiny specks of blood.

In the later stages of the disease, the body responds by growing new blood vessels on the retina which easily leak blood, severely impairing vision and, in some cases, causing total blindness. 

Although diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, most cases can be prevented by appropriate care, good control of one’s diabetes, regular screening eye exams and referrals to a retina specialist when needed. The best time to treat diabetic retinopathy is before vision is affected. Treatment may consist of laser surgery in the office, surgery in the operating room, or injection of medicine into the eye.